Bully Mania Outreach

BULLY MANIA was founded by Bobby L. Horne , it is a nonprofit organization established in 2013.
An open letter from Bobby L. Horne:
My concern for the daily lives of young people is the catalyst for the Organization. As a child growing up in a housing project, I was exposed to all types of deviant things-drugs, alcohol, violence, and child abuse.  Because of a nurturing mother, I was able to distance myself from that environment.  Not all youth are as fortunate.  As an adult however, I am seeing some of the same vices that I ran from; but, recognizes in the eyes and lives of today’s youth.
After 24 years of professional wrestling, I travel the country to various schools and civic groups, providing mentor-ship and speaking with students, parents, and teachers about Bullying in our public schools.  Wrestling is scripted but there is no script for a young life on the streets.  This is why Bully Mania was organized. To provide a supportive script for parents and to help our youth maneuver through life.
My goal is to promote awareness about and how to deter bullying, by way of holding live events in every community, teaching young people how to navigate through life.  The sole purpose of this program is to provide a true adult mentor-ship circle for young boys and girls from all walks of life.  The one way that I felt I could reach a large number of them is through my Events.

The mission of Bully Mania is to bring young men and women in, educate and entertain them, with hopes of sending them out into the world as better people.  Through my efforts I am hoping to turn out better fathers and mothers, better husbands and wives. Most importantly I would like to think my program will be a catalyst for transforming and saving many lives.
Will you please join me, and show your support, and help make this a better and safer world for our youth. ~ Bobby L. Horne

Group of 5th Graders at Walhalla Elementary School viewing Introductory Video of Bobby Horne (Sir Mo of Men on a Mission)

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